Memoirs of a Pilgrim


Easy winter hike at Baker Lake

January 7th 2021

Baker Lake is my go-to for an easy, (mostly) snow-free hike in winter. Year-round it remains lush with ferns and large trees that are covered in moss and lichen. This trail also has a couple of campgrounds that are great to backpack to and enjoy some time at the lake.



I went mid-week, starting around noon. Only saw maybe 5 other people total. It gets much busier on weekends, and is always very crowded come summer. Understandably so, since there is prime camping and access to the lake via a dock.

In winter, it is a perfect option for avoiding any hazardous winter conditions. The most you'll likely have to deal with is rain trickling off the trees that tower above. There are tons of water crossings, but most have really nice bridges built over them so you have a very good chance of keeping your feet completely dry.

This trail is mostly flat, with only a few very small/quick climbs coming up from the campsites. So it's super accessible to anyone who can climb over a moderately-sized downed tree.

The trail goes for 13+ miles along the lake, most people stop and turn around at the 2nd campground (Maple Grove, 8 miles rt). If you're wanting to escape crowds, you can also access the trail on the north end.

Overall, I always recommend this hike for beginners and anyone not wanting to deal with any extreme/unpredictable conditions.


01 moss
Moss and lichen on fallen tree branch
02 trail bridge
landscape shot of trail with a small wooden bridge over a stream crossing
03 forest
bright, green shot of the old growth along the trail
04 suspension bridge
A bridge made from logs and suspension wire over a rushing river
05 baker lake
Baker Lake with fog and mountains behind it
06 mt baker
zoomed-in shot of Mt Baker
07 forest
forest shot of trail
09 trail
trail surrounded by old forest growth and covered with ferns, moss, and lichen.
10 trail
dark shot of trail in forest
11 trail
trail with wooden bridge in forest
12 mt baker
Mt Baker covered in snow and with fog and forest in foreground
13 group
Jamie with dogs, Ember and Ash, at Baker Lake
14 dark trail
dark, moody shot of trail in forest