Memoirs of a Pilgrim


Incredible Sunset Snowshoe to Artist Point

January 14th 2021

My first snowshoe of the season was the most stunning experience I could have asked for. I've been patiently waiting for the conditions to be just right to do this trail as a snowshoe, and it paid off! The sun was shining, the snow was easy to climb up, and the sunset was the most gorgeous sight I've seen in a while.



ALWAYS check​ for avalanche danger in the area. This area is prone to avalanches and unless you have proper training and gear for handling them, I'd avoid going if there is any risk.

It's a 3 hour drive from Seattle and the parking lot fills up pretty quickly. There was plenty of space mid-week, but if going during the weekend I'd plan to go very early and even prepare a few back-up hikes that are along the drive. I also recommend stopping in Glacier for a final bathroom break and getting breakfast/coffee at Wake'n Bakery.

Find the start of the trail by heading to the bathrooms, to the left is the groomed ski run. From there stay to the right of the ski run (not on it) and go up that way. It's best to have a map since not all tracks in the snow go up to artist point. AllTrails worked well for me.

The way up is pretty steep, so getting proper snowshoes that handle incline is recommended (REI rents out nice ones). I also recommend bringing something to sit on. It's a super short trail and there's so much to see that hanging out at the top for a bit is a nice way to extend the experience!

You can make the trip longer but going up to Huntoon Point. I wanted to, but no one else was and I didn't feel comfortable doing it alone, so it's not covered in this video. The route is on the AllTrails map if you're up for it!

Covid-times advice: You don't have to stick to one path, so this is perfect for keeping distance from others! It's really easy to spread out, but still have a mask for when you are lingering around the parking lot and such.

If going for sunset, having a bright light/headlamp and a map is essential. Navigating down is going to be a lot harder, and there's going to be less/no people to follow. It's super easy to get lost since it's a lot of snowfields that look the same. Only do it if you're comfortable with navigation.


01 snow trail
Sunny day on Artist Point Trail with sunflare
02 slope
windswept, snow slope that has defined lines sculpted in the snow along the slope
03 snowshoe trail
Snowshoe trail through trees on Artist Point Trail
04 snowshoetrail
Snowy trail for with snowshoe tracks with trees and mountains
05 artist point
Gorgeous day with sun and picturesque clouds on snowy mountain
06 snowshoe
snow-covered Heather Meadows with snowshoers in the distance
07 heather meadows
Sunflare between trees at Heather Meadows
08 heather meadows
Heather Meadows visitor center half covered in snow
09 mountain
Mountain covered in snow, seen from Heather Meadows
10 snowshoe
snowy mountain with snowshoers
11 mountains
Mountains with snowshoers in Heather Meadows
12 ski slope
Skiers and snowboarders going down the Mt Baker Ski run
13 group
Jamie Pilgrim with dogs in front of snowy mountains
14 snowshoe dogs
Jamie Pilgrim snowshoeing with dogs at Artist Point
15 group
Jamie Pilgrim posed with dogs while snowshoeing Artist Point
16 nature
snowy slope near Mt Baker
17 peak
snowy peak in the North Cascades
18 mountain
snow peaks in the North Cascades
19 trail
Snowfields to get to artis point snowshoe
20 snowshoers
snowy slope up to artist point with snowshoers at the top
21 mountains
snowy mountains in the north cascades while snowshoeing
22 snowy slope
Snowfield at artist point with north cascades in background
23 snowfield
snowfield with mounds sculpted by wind with defined lines
24 snowshoeing
Jamie Pilgrim snowshoeing with dogs at Artist Point
25 snowfield
Snowfield at Artist Point with mounds sculpted by the wind with defined lines
26 huntoon point trail
snowshoe trail up to huntoon point from artist point
27 break
Jamie Pilgrim taking a break from snowshoeing with a Rainier
28 rainier break
Jamie PIlgrim taking a break from snowshoeing with a Rainier beer
29 peaks
North Cascade peaks during sunset
30 mt baker
Mt Baker in winter
31 sunset peaks
North Cascades alpenglow during sunset
32 sunset trail
Sunset colors in the sky over artist point snowshoe trail
33 sunset colors
vibrant sunset colors in the sky with clouds over the North Cascades Mountain peaks
34 sunset mountains
Sunset at heather meadows
35 sunset trail
Artist Point snowshoe trail during sunset
36 sunset sky
Sunset over the North Cascades with cotton candy colored clouds