Memoirs of a Pilgrim


Hello! I’m Jamie, a Wisconsin native that has traveled and lived in a whole slew of other places. I now reside in Seattle, Washington, which is the perfect base for going on weekly adventures. You can often find me in the mountains hiking and backpacking.

Since I have gotten two dogs in the past two years, I do less flying and more road trips, so I can bring them along! Ash is a 2 year old border collie/australian shepherd mix that is also deaf (I use lots of hand signals with her), and Ember is a 1 year old german shepherd/husky mix that can very much hear but sometimes chooses not to (huskies are stubborn).

I’ve been doing regular/weekly hiking trips pretty steadily for the last few years and have only been sharing photos and videos of them on Instagram. Recently I made the jump to further document them all with this blog and youtube!